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For inter-process synchronization, a mutex needs to be allocated in memory shared between these processes. Since the memory for such a mutex must be allocated dynamically, the mutex needs to be explicitly initialized using mutex_init(). The mutex_init() function initializes the mutex referenced by mp with the type specified by type . Upon successful initialization the state of the mutex becomes initialized and unlocked.

Once initialized, all types of mutex are manipulated using the same interface. Later, ecp_mul_comb calls ecp_drbg_free() which calls mbedtls_ctr_drbg_free() which deletes the mutex, but then ecp_drbg_free() immediately re-creates the mutex using mbedtls_mutex_init(). So when ecp_mul_comb exits there is still a mutex malloc’ed but not free’ed. ecp_mul_comb does return a pointer to the context which contains a pointer to the mutex but I can’t see that anybody deletes cyg_mutex_init; Name: cyg_mutex_init ( ) - initialize a mutex: Synopsis: void cyg_mutex_init ( cyg_mutex_t *mutex /* mutex to initialize */ ) Description: This initializes a mutex for use. Note that mutexes under eCos cannot be locked multiple times by the same thread. If a thread locks the same mutex multiple times the behavior is undefined Source file: mutex_init.9.en.gz (from linux-manual-4.9 4.9.88-1+deb9u1~bpo8+1) : Source last updated: 2018-05-13T19:23:20Z Converted to HTML: 2019-02-16T12:33:06Z pthread_mutex_init は、常に 0 を返す。他の mutex 関数は、成功すれば 0 を返し、 エラーでは 非ゼロのエラーコードを返す。 エラー pthread_mutex_lock はエラーの際、次のエラーコードを返す: EINVAL mutex が適切に初期化されていない。 Defined in 2 files: include/linux/mutex-debug.h, line 15 ; include/linux/mutex.h, line 93 . Referenced in 1847 files: Documentation/video4linux/v4l2-pci-skeleton.c All functions curl_easy_getinfo curl_easy_init curl_easy_perform curl_easy_reset curl_easy_setopt curl_multi_add_handle curl_multi_init curl_multi_perform curl_multi_remove_handle curl_multi_setopt curl / libcurl / API / Examples / opensslthreadlock.c int pthread_mutex_init(: pthread_mutex_t *restrict mutex, : const pthread_mutexattr_t *restrictattr); pthread_mutex_t的初始化有两种方法,一种是使用函数pthread_mutex_init,使用结 束需要调用函数pthread_mutex_destroy进行销毁,调用时mutex必须未上锁。 It shall be safe to destroy an initialized mutex that is unlocked.

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このプロセス内のスレッドと他のプロセス内のスレッドとの間で同期を Description: The pthread_mutex_init () function initializes the given mutex object, using the attributes specified by the mutex attributes object attr. If attr is NULL, then the mutex is initialized with the default attributes (see pthread_mutexattr_init () ). After initialization, the mutex is in an unlocked state. pthread_mutex_init initializes the mutex object pointed to by mutex according to the mutex attributes specified in mutexattr. If mutexattr is NULL , default attributes are used instead. The LinuxThreads implementation supports only one mutex attributes, the mutex kind , which is either ``fast'', ``recursive'', or ``error checking''.

Chapter 11.

pthread_mutex_init — destroy and initialize a mutex SYNOPSIS top #include int pthread_mutex_init(pthread_mutex_t *restrict mutex , const pthread_mutexattr_t *restrict attr ); pthread_mutex_t mutex = PTHREAD_MUTEX_INITIALIZER;

NULL, in case it is unlocked; MUTEX_LOCKED in case it is locked, but no other thread is waiting on it; A pointer to the head of single linked list of As mutex attribute object is opaque type, appropriate set and get functions are availables to manupulate mutex attributes. pthread_mutex_init: To initialize mutex pthread_mutex_destroy : int uv_thread_create_ex (uv_thread_t* tid, const uv_thread_options_t* params, uv_thread_cb entry, void* arg) ¶. Like uv_thread_create(), but additionally specifies options for creating a new thread..

mutex_init initializes already allocated mutex. It is used for per-object mutexes, when mutex is just a field in a heap-allocated object. Any of these methods is sufficient for initialize mutex.

mutex offers exclusive, non-recursive ownership semantics: A calling thread owns a mutex from the time that it successfully calls either lock or try_lock until it calls unlock. /// A [`Mutex`] must first be initialised with a call to [`Mutex::init`] before it can be used. The /// [`mutex_init`] macro is provided to automatically assign a new lock class to a mutex instance. The pthread_mutex_init () function initializes the specified mutex.

Mutex init

This is used to lock/acquire the mutex exclusively for the current task.
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Mutex init

void g_mutex_init (GMutex *mutex); Initializes a GMutex so that it can be used.

ihoplåsning av två mutexes.
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init { } 6. Basic Variables and Types. Basic types. Array declaration active proctype monitor() { assert (mutex <= 1). } init { atomic { run P1() ; run P2() }. } 34.

Elixir Cross Referencer - Explore source code in your browser - Particularly useful for the Linux kernel and other low-level projects in C/C++ (bootloaders, C The pthread_mutex_init() function creates a new mutex, with attributes specified with attr.